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Water Safety

The following precautions are advised to decrease the possibility of infection and injury when enjoying Lake County's freshwater recreational amenities:

No Diving

Diving into shallow water can result in permanent injury or death.

Wear nose clips or hold your nose when swimming, jumping or diving in any fresh water

Closed nostrils reduce your risk of infection by amoeba, which is a rare but life threatening condition.

Do not swim in standing water, such as ponds, storm water retention areas or in areas posted "No Swimming" Bacteria and other harmful organisms thrive in warm, standing water. Seek prompt medical attention if you become ill after swimming in freshwater.

Do not feed or have contact with wildlife.

Natural areas are home to many animals including snakes, raccoons, otters and alligators. Keep your distance.

Protect others

Discarded glass and trash can cause injury to bathers and wildlife, don't litter. Always swim with a partner and never leave children unsupervised.

Be water safe

Do not go into the water unless you know how to swim. Never swim if you are impaired, and never enter the water during or when expecting a storm.

Water Safety Flyer Water Safety Flyer (English)
Agua Flyer Seguridad

Agua Flyer Seguridad (Español)

For more information about freshwater safety:
Florida Department of Health in Lake County
Division of Environmental Health

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